• Exchange / Return Policy:

Should you wish to request for an Exchange, please send me an email within 7 days from the date of receipt. In case you missed the mentioned time frame, I am always happy to try my best to help so do drop me a line! :)

Unfortunately, I do apologise in advance for not accepting Returns. Thank you for your kind understanding. 


  • How should I care for my Tea Towels?

Before use, for hygiene purposes, please hand-wash them! :) Each tea towel has a wash label attached. Personally, I hand-wash my towels with mild detergents, room temperature water. Once a month, I put them into a small laundry bag and run a “quick wash” 15 minutes, 30 degree celcius water temperature. Please do not wash your light coloured clothings with them. As the towels are digitally printed, it is normal should the colour fades off slightly after several wash. 


  • How should I care for my Bamboo-Melamine blend dining wares?

Bamboo-Melamine materials are not recommended for microwave use nor used under high-heat on stove top or oven. Please hand-wash only and they are not suitable for the dishwasher. :)


  • How should I care for my Exercising Mat?

The surface of the mat is suede. Simply wipe off with a piece of wet microfibre cloth after your work out. Spraying any cleaning chemical directly onto the mat is not recommended. After wiping, leave your mat open to air dry.